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We are able to travel to distant farms, hand-select the finest hops to meet our stringent quality standards and bring them to you at bulk quantity pricing. Large order quantities are ordered out of cold storage there and are expedited to cold storage here to make sure quality is maintained.

African Queen

African Queen


African Queen is a South African bred high alpha, daylight neutral hop whose pedigree is a diploid seedling selected from a cross between 91J7/25 and an SA male 94US2/118.  The aroma profile includes dank, blueberries, stone fruit, black currant, gooseberries, bubble gum, lemongrass, and chilies.  Total oil content is around 1.3 percent, alpha acids range from 12 to 17 percent, and cohumulone is low at about 26 percent.  Works well with all hop-forward beers, including American and Belgian styles.  Also works well with subtle blended beers such as those with coffee, fruit, and spices.

Price Per Pound: $17.99

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Additional Information
Alpha 10.4%
Total Oils 0.7 mL/100g
Aroma Gooseberry, Chili, Sweet Fruits, Cassis, Iced Tea, Lemon Grass
Possible Substitutions Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic
Sizes 44
Region South Africa
Crop Year 2018
Use Aroma
Type T-90
Lot Number 036/18